The Walker Barstow Homes

The Walker Barstow Homes is a Registered Almshouse Charity and a Registered Social Landlord based in York, North Yorkshire.

The Trust offers high quality accommodation in its magnificent historical Cameron Walker Court building along with modern satellite properties.

Our Aims

To provide and maintain high quality housing and support for people of limited means in York.

To create a secure, supportive environment for people to live independently and with dignity.



The Trust was established by a charitable trust deed and the amalgamation of The Walker Almshouses York and Barstow's Hospital in 1974. The Walker Almshouses York commenced in 1912 having been founded in 1909 on Bishopthorpe Road, York with property acquired with a bequest from the Estate of Charles Cameron Walker.
Barstow’s Hospital was founded in 1702 by the widow Alice Barstow with buildings on Blossom Street, York. These were sold in 1859 and land promptly acquired in Caroline Street where homes were completed in 1860, becoming a recognised
charity in 1921. Barstow’s Hospital Homes were demolished in 1967.